The exhibition

The floating boathouse exhibition

The exhibition in the floating boathouse in Våge first opened with an event in the Våge marina in June 2010, with a high turnout every summer since.

The exhibition helps visualising the story of the Tysnes emigration to the USA, and the men who later came to be professional crew members on board racing and touring yachts throughout the 1900–1940 time-frame.

Only a part of this fascinating story is on display, and came to be through the efforts of the local yacht sailor exhibition charity, Venelaget for Jåttutstillinga, supervised by the Sunnhordland Museum’s expertise. The exhibition is built mainly on information curated by Mr Kjell Magnus Økland and Mr Knut Arne Grøteide, based on their initial exhibition at Årbakka during the summer of 2001.

The charity has expressed an intent to maintain that curation, of various items, photos and recounts, to which end any contribution is much appreciated. Please feel free to leave your name and phone number in the exhibition’s guest book, or go to our contact page, found here, and we will make sure to get back to you at the earliest convenience.

Extracts from the exhibtion guest book (translated from Norwegian):

An impressive collection – undoubtedly the result of hard work. Interesting and educational to see the details of The Norwegian Steam adventure. The collection is an inspiration for the NSF Norsteam project.

— Peter L. Larsen, president, Norwegian Sailing Federation (August 2010)

A most impressive collection.

— Arne Emil Christensen, among other things responsible for the Bygdøy Viking ship museum from 1990 to 2006

A great museum and an intriguing tale!

— Sailmaker Peter Høeg, Drammen

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